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Explore the history and future of Minneapolis and Saint
Paul through art, music and activities at this event created 

by and for teens. Adults welcome.
• Live music by Beatrix Jar and the Melismatics
• Photography exhibit
• Souvenir activities and photo opp
• activities fair with teen groups from around the
Twin Cities
When: Tues., April 30, 2013
5–8 p.m.
Where: Minnesota History Center, St. Paul
Cost: FREE

Our Event! by Devyn Kiszewski

Yesterday was the day of our event! We opened our exhibit, LOL: Living Our Lives, to the public for the first time EVER! It went really well. The TAC got to the History Center at 3:30 to get the last of the details done and get the exhibit completely ready. Some people were doing interviews, some were arranging make it take it activities, and some were setting up trivia. Aleah and I were trying to figure out a way to answer the questions at the end of the panels, and we decided to use post it notes and pencils to stick up there with answers.

Interviews and Crunch Time (3/13/12) - Anita

Today was a really hectic day in the Teen Advisory Council. Not hectic as in bad, but it was a busy day.  Aleah asked some of us to come in early so we could go down to the St. Paul News Network (SPNN) in order for us to be interviewed about our bedrooms. I went first and Chang interviwed me, then I interviewed her.

Choosing a layout for our "room" by Daisy Payne

This week we came up with some pretty cool ways to set up the exhibit, not only for it to be fun but more or less so that it would be easier for our guest to be comfortable. We norrowed it down to a few great ideas we will have to see what layout works best with our budget. If you would like to know what we decided on come see the exhibit April 17th through the 21st.

Team Agreement! by Rachel Hutt

This week at TAC we focused on choosing a final design for our panels. We wanted to create a 'Signature' that would tie all our panels together. I don't want to ruin the surprise, so I won't tell you what we decided but I think our panels will all come together quite nicely. 

Let's Get Started!

Planning the Perfect Panel

 This week, we focused a lot on individual and small group planning of our exhibit panels. We are working to create an exhibit about teens and our generation, entitled "Living Our Lives (LOL)," and we have divided into pairs in which we are making different panels for the exhibit. Some of these include fashion, technology, and entertainment. We're using the Mac program "Pages" to design panels as we research and write up short blurbs on our topics. 

My Room by Khadija

Post to come. 

Jacqui's Room

Rachel's Room