New Sustainability Intern

I am Babita Shrestha and I am the sustainability intern here at Minnesota Historical Society. I worked with the Sustainability & Capital Projects team this fall on the “More for the Mission” blog and the recent staff sustainability event.  I have enjoyed working on the event in collaboration with some of you at MNHS and I am looking forward to applying how to use design to connect people to the topic of sustainability. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and my career journey to MNHS. 

I am originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. After high school, I lived in Hong Kong for three years with my grandparents. Living in HK was a great experience where I explored a different society. Quickly, I was in love with travelling and travelled to many parts of Hong Kong and Macau. In 2009, I decided to come to US for study abroad and complete my undergraduate degree in photography. Soon, that passion started becoming so strong that I decided to go for graphic design because I love art and I want to bring my creativity into daily life. I didn’t do enough research before I came to Minnesota and the  extreme cold here in winter was my first cultural shock. I think my study abroad really helped me to be independent and strong, and also allowed me to explore who I am and taught me the hardships of life.

During my school year I have worked as a graphic designer in Multicultural Student Services. I think working in a multicultural environment was very challenging in the beginning but it’s the best experience so far. I got a chance to learn a lot about diversity and their viewpoint. I have also noticed that my typography and design skills has gradually improved over the years.

If I didn’t had to worry about anything, I’d probably be an explorer; but I don’t think this world is a safe place to do that anymore. Instead,I still explore the world through the art of cooking. I love cooking and especially like to experiment and cook something different every time. Trust me, sometimes it’s a great failure. ☺

I needed an internship to complete my education so while doing internship hunt; I decided to look for a sustainability internship because I am  interested in environmental work and design. In my opinion, being a sustainable designer, you are also giving your effort to see a better society.  Graphic design is a very flexible and broad major and we have an opportunity to work in so many different sectors but it is so difficult to find an internship related to sustainability. I think I am very fortunate to be able to find my position at MNHS.