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Our New Sustainability Intern

Hello everyone!  My name is Rachel Stobb and I am the Sustainability Intern for Fall 2014 here at the Minnesota Historical Society.  This semester I will be working with Shengyin to further the Sustainability and More for the Mission campaigns.  I am excited to learn more about MNHS’s sustainability efforts and look forward to contributing to and furthering these initiatives.   I will be regularly posting on our blog, so I figure I should share a little bit about myself!

Sustainability Feature in Latest Issue of Museum

The latest July / August 2014 issue of Museum features the white paper on sustainability standards developed by AAM's PIC-Green (American Alliance of Museum's Professional Network on Green Museums).  The feature is an excerpt from the full white paper that describes the challenges of museum sustainbility and the current state of standards in the wider sustainability field.  

Minnesota Historical Society's sustainability program is one of the case studies referenced in the white paper for our approach that is "rooted in science and data."

Nice Ride Minnesota

The fact that the Twin Cities has consistently been named the best bike city is the United States may surprise people, considering the bitter cold winters, but because of programs like Nice Ride and the interconnected park systems the Twin Cities will always be a bike friendly community. Nice Ride not only allows citizens to get to and from work, errands, and other daily tasks, but also provides means of exploring the Twin Cities.

Opening of the Green Line

As many of you may be aware the Green Line will be opening soon, providing transit from downtown Minneapolis to downtown Saint Paul. The line has 9.8 miles of track, 18 stations, and will take approximately 40 minutes to get from downtown to downtown.

Twin Cities Bike Week

This week is Twin Cities Bike Week. Several events are going on throughout the Twin Cities during the week. The campaign encourages people to get on a bike and ride to work, school, or other activities. Check out some of the events or enjoy the spring weather, hop on your bike and go for a ride.


Take the Stairs Winner

The 'Take the Stairs' contest is officially over. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and to all who took the stairs during our campaign. There were 3 staff members near the top throughout the competition. Congratulations to our winner, Melissa Gagner! She averaged 106,932 steps per week, which is over 15,000 steps a day and 443,012 for the entire 4 week contest! The runners up were Peter McGarraugh (93,114 average per week and 372,457 total) and Jenny Parker (85,953 average per week and 343,819 total). 

Earth Week Event

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970 since then over 192 countries and 1 billion people participate in the worldwide event. Earth Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, April 21st, but since the growth of the Earth Day network environmental programs throughout the country take place throughout the entire week.

Walk to Work Day

Do you need to increase your steps count as the final week of the 'Take the Stairs' steps contest (don't forget to log your steps here) finishes up? There is a national event that can help you get your last minute steps. Friday, April 4th is Walk to Work Day. 

The Revival of Streetcar Systems and Principles

Although transportation systems, such as roads, rails, and sidewalks can go unnoticed they oftentimes shape our cities in layout, growth, and development. Some examples of how transit systems have shaped a city are Chicago and the “L”, New York City and the subway, Copenhagen’s bike friendly streets, and London and the Tube. A city can prosper from a functional, well-planned transit system. Transit systems allow for access to goods, jobs, and other amenities necessary for living. 

Take the Stairs Contest

Since the beginning of the 'Take the Stairs' Campaign 8 weeks ago we have had several requests for a healthy competition tied to the 'Take the Stairs' initiative. The 'Take the Stairs' campaign will be initiating a steps contest. The directions for the contest are below.