Clio: Visual History

Just ran across Clio:

Clio is dedicated to developing innovative American history projects that are designed to engage students, to assist educators and researchers, and to appeal to a wide public audience through documentary films, the World Wide Web, and other new media.


Online Course for Teachers

The Minnesota Historical Society, in partnership with the Minnesota Humanities Center, has recently launched its first online professional development offering: African American History in Minnesota.

Crash Course in World History

If you haven't seen these "Crash Course in World History" videos, you owe it to yourself to check them out immediately! I learned more about the Industrial Revolution in that 10 minute video than I did in a full college course.... or at least it was more memorable this way!

These videos are a brilliant example of how to engage 21st century learners:  

Robert Stephes: The Geek Squad and Education

You can now watch the keynote by Robert Stephens at the Minnesota e-Learning Summit in July. It's worth the time - he's got some strong opinions. Plus, he's funny!


(Thanks to Paul Wasco for the link!)

How would you like your Worksheets?

Last week, the Northern Lights team hosted 12 teachers to help us resolve the challenge of delivering supplemental classroom resources to teachers. 

Questions we asked:

Robert Stephens at the e-learning Summit

Staff from MHS attended the Minnesota e-Learning Summit last week. Not quite as big as ISTE, it was a smaller, local sharing of ideas and resources.

We presented sessions about the development of the digital version of Northern Lights and about "History Live" - our interactive video conferencing project.

Attendees at the session about Northern Lights brought up many good questions and ideas about how others are developing digital texts. 

Reflections on ISTE: Digital Content

Attending the ISTE (International Society for Technology of Education) Conference is, as many say, like drinking from a fire hose. This year, there were between 18,000 and 20,000 people attending the conference. It is a powerful learning experience.


History Live demo at ISTE

The Developers Talk

Wendy Jones and Jennifer Sly, part of the team that is developing the History in Our Hands project, are featured in a video about the project.

The video was produced for the IMLS, which is funding the project through a National Leadership Grant.

Talking About Digital Primary Sources

We just spent four solid days talking about digital primary source with a group of amazing and inspiring teachers!