Cell Phone Culture Goes Mainstream

It's a good sign when mainstream media outlets start reporting the GOOD things about technology use in the classroom. Check out Minnesota Public Radio's Newscut Blog reporting about the cellphone culture, including a little blurb from the Detroit News about schools in Michigan using cellphones to educate!

Digital Textbooks

Here's another two-fer—a juicy topic and an overall resource worth getting to know.

One of the biggest challenges in that complicated intersection of formal education and technology is the diversity of approaches, materials, tools, etc. that exist—for many reasons—across the school spectrum.

The Coconuts from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The New York Times' Learning Network—a resource worth getting to know in general—asked a while back, What’s the Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in a Museum?

Design: Make it or Break it

Interesting blog post from the Eide Neurolearning Blog "What Educators Can Learn from Madison Ave" explores research (and shows some great examples) of how font choice makes a difference in retention of information. 

The examples they use (and the research) is focused on print. This is important for museums designing pieces for students. If your Marketing group does the design, are they familiar with design concepts for students? 

iPads in the Classroom (Music Edition)

Via Edudemic

Conference Opportunity

If you're in the Atlanta area—or can get there this November—you might want to consider the Project Zero-Atlanta conference called Educating for Today and Tomorrow.

From the Conference organizers:


The American Museum of Natural History in New York is jumping into apps - for onsite visitors and for those who can't get to New York.

Make all learning real

A recent MindShift post talks about a book by Duke University professor Cathy DavidsonNow You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn.

Davidson has a great deal to say about how the education system needs to reform, and how technology is part of it.  Here's just one of the many points she feels need to happen to move education in to the 21st century:

Learning from Teachers

I watch a number of blogs that talk about technology in education. These bloggers often post about tools and sites that they use in the classroom, or recommend to others.

One such post was talking about the Google Street View of the Iraqi Museum that was recently posted. Free Technology for Teachers is a great blog that reviews all sorts of resources, and explains how they can be applied in an educational setting.

New Research on Digital Natives/Immigrants

Perhaps the border between the two groups is more porous than previously thought.